Monday, 15 March 2010

Communication is a Virus- Presentation Feedback

Assessed by Robyn and Chris.

How professional was the verbal element of the presentation? Was it delivered with clarity? What might have improved it?
Delivered with clarity, well explained, took reasonable time on each board, specified target audience.

How professional was the visual element of the presentation? How well were the boards designed? What might have improved them?
Relevant typography-in terms of notebook style- nice diagrams

What is the message?
How to get high school pupils to lie to their teachers

Is there a clear sense of audience? Who is the project targeting?
Yes, 12-16 year olds in high school

What context(s) will the message(s) exist in? How does the proposed solution(s) answer the 'virus' element of the brief?
Notebook/ book
Social networking

Overall, what do you think of the proposal?
Good idea
Few weaknesses to look at but overall really nice idea.

Things we have taken from the crit, things to explore:
  • Possibility of having more than one facebook page in order to reach a wider audience.
  • Text messages- ability for student to be able to be sent a instant text message when in need of a excuse for school.
  • Moderate the website- moderating topics of conversation, explicit language etc.

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