Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Time management

Book- issues

Issues raises:
sky, is it still blue if the sky is red in the morning/evening?
Want to cut into thebook and make it more interactive?
Same place each for each photo? Just sky? Pantone
Cut out clouds? Window front cover?

Action to be taken:
Finding out sunrise, sunset
Taking photos
Look into book art

General feedback:
Like sky idea, look into windows and play around with it

Book- rationale

Making a book based on blue things, using a hotdog fold book.

Who needs to know?
People who attend the bookfair, book fans, art fans, students

What do they need to know?
What the subject matter is, eg blue, why blue is interesting, documenting blue.

What will they respond to?
Read it, if they like it, buy it

What research is required?
Photographs, gather materials

Look into book art, stock printing, collage art, collage books


Brief Title:
Don't Panic. Vogue

The Brief:
To produce three A2 posters based on the word 'Vogue'

Layout, colour, tone, audience, visual impact, medium, type or image
Existing poster design, existing Vogue designs

Target Audeine:

Tone of Voice:
Light hearted, humourous

  • The 80's
  • Fake
  • Vanity
  • New York
  • Cameras

Manditory Requirements:

30 possible treatments, development work, 3 variation of A2 posters


3 variations of poster

Studio deadline:

26th February 2010

Sunday, 14 February 2010

End of Module Self Evaluation

What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?
I believe my time management skills have improved throughtout this module giving myself time to print etc and organising time for research and production of final products.
Within the module we have been given workshops which have allowed us to gain knowledge on Final Cut and also book binding where we were shown basic skills and a range of uses for these. I am now able to create a PDFpresentation which helped me with a project within the module.
For the 100 project I believe I developed my hand drawn type skills as I drew out 100 phrases with the same typeface allowing me to improve as I go. By scanning these in and re-arranging them and inserting into net etc I think I have also developed my Photoshop skills.

What approaches to/ methods of research have you developed and how have they informed your development process?
Over the christmas period we were asked to gain 100 opinions and so I tried out different approaches to reseach such as internet surveys and yahoo answers to gain a wide range of opinions. These methods paved the way for my project as I based it on quotes and phrases people had given me about the bad things about Christmas. Also for the What If... project we gave out questionnaires and also made a phone call to the local youth centre to ask their views, this is a method of research I have never uysed before and it proved to be very helpful.

What strenths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise these?
I think I have done a sufficient amount of research to back up my projects although it probably could probably never me enough to inform decisions.

What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these more fully?
Within this module I believe we struggled to work together as a group in the What If.. project, therefore this was a large weakness and most likely affected our work. Also when it comes to end products and packaging I believe my work lacks a professional finish and could be improved throught printing etc.

Identify five things that you will do different next time and what do you exprect to gain from doing this?
Next time I would like to hopfully try and involve everyone in group discussions and work no matter how difficult it is to work with people.
Also if I am struggliong with work or need advice I want to ask for guidance.
Try out new things I have never used before, new software and ways of producing work, Final cut etc.

How would you grade yourself on the follwing areas:
Attendance- 5
Motivation- 4
Quantiy of work produced- 3
Quality of work produced-3
Contribution to the group-3

Monday, 8 February 2010

Collection 100 Crit

Old people, stereotypical grumpy old people, probably mostly men.

Look at: Crackers, patterns, clothes, slippers, old man colours, napkins

Create a range for old men:
Gift tags, wrapping paper, crackers.

Using quotes from research, questionnaires etc.

Design Context:
Wallnut wallpaper, Hennie Haworth illustrations.

Collection 100 Problem Analysis- Rationale

Brief ( What is the problem you intend to solve?)
Making a book on 100 negatives of Christmas

Who needs to know?
People who don't believe in Christmas anymore, teenagers, adults, both male and female. People who do not like Christmas, old people, "Scrooges."

What do they need to know?
The negatives of Christmas, how it has changed, what people's opinions are.

Why do they need to know?
Spending, how much people spend at Christmas, that a lot of people have come to believe it's all about money and consuming.

What will they respond to?
Interact with the product, read it, turn pages of a book.

What research is required?
More opinions on what has changed at Christmas from when people were kids.
Expensive gifts people get for Christmas these days, list of top toys?
What is commercial about Christmas, money making. Christmas gifts.

Collection 100 Rationale

Product and Packaging

Who is the audience and how do you intend to engage with them?
Adults, male and female. Intended to be light hearted.

What is the function of the product?
No specific purpose other than to entertain the audience.

How will the audience interact with the product?
Audience interaction will simply be to look at it, entertainment purposes.