Monday, 29 March 2010

Communication is a virus- Group Evaluation

Elliot, Sophie, Sam

Brief title- how to tell a lie convincingly

Why have you chosen to work with your creative partnet? What are your aims?
We had never worked together before, as a three hopefully will create some new ideas

What are your specific areas of creative interest in this brief?
Typeand image
Different ideas we can work with, different products i.e website, text service, booklet

What specific design skills do you have to offer inrelation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them?
Elliot- knowledge about book making
-double sided printing

Sam-type skills
-software/print skills

Sophie- type-image

What specific non-design skills do you have to offer in realtion to your chosen brief? How do you intent to use them?
Language that appeals to our audience

What will your specific roles be in the collaborationin relationto your brief?
Elliot- Website
Sophie- booklet
Sam- text messaging

What will your individual responsibilities be in relation to your brief?
Research and idea
Generation into roles we have specified

What wll your joint responsibilities be?
Social networking
Collectively analysing development work and ways to improve it as a group

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