Monday, 26 October 2009

Alphabet Soup Evaluation

Partner's name: Sai Uennataornwaranggoon

Referring to the typeface you have designed answer the following:

Which personality traits did you choose to respon to nd apply the typeface?

I responded to one of the initial questions, 'what is your earliest memory,' I took the answer 'christmas in Hong Kong' and used a cityscape style with my letterforms. I also took the fact that Sai is very selfless and warm hearted and used colours which represent this.

What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have made for the typeface?

My reasons are that is is a childhood memory, something very specific and a very significant memory.

In what ways are the results effecive?

The letters use an existing typeface which has been maipulated which was part of the brief and also the colours reflect the personality.

Sai's evaluation on my typeface
What personality traits do you interpet from the typeface designed to represent you?
Colourful, playful, bold

Describe what you think of the typeface?
I think as a whole typeface it is effective in the ways that it represents a part of who i am (I think it is very difficult to say everything about a person in one typeface) I think that the two colours work well together against the black.

In what way is it effective, and in what way is it ineffective of representing you?
I think generally as an idea it represents well, the use of the colours against the black. I also like the style of the typeface that has been chosen. The letterforms work well as part of a skyline.

From the final crit I can see myself how my letterforms would need to be altered in order to work well as a typeface. Each letter has too much unnecessary extra building surrounding it and would look better as an individual building so that when put together they would work as a skyline.With the extra building surrounding the letterforms at the moment it can be rather difficult to interprut what letter it is. Also the colours would work better with blocks of colour like black as a traditional skyline would look.

Formative Feedback
Matthew Khan
Strong body of work, including brainstorming,visual investigation,trying different was of poducing her final idea. Taken away feedback from group crit on friday and improved the legibility of her letters.
It is quite difficult to see how Sophie's gone from her idea brainstorming stage to the investigation of her final ideas.
To show why shes chosen the skyline to create the letterformss and the reason behind her chosen colours.

Formative Feedback
Amy Leigh
A lot of visual investigation, trial and improvement. Research into Sai helped to develop designs.
Some of the initial ideas are clearer than the final designs. The colours chosen aren't related to skylines, could have gone for black and a colour?
Reworking into the design on tracing paper proved effective, a new draft of the A1 sheet in this style might look better.

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