Friday, 16 October 2009

Alphabet Soup. Part One Evaluation

Peer Assessed by Brady Miller

Module Code OUGD101
Module Title Desiign Principles

What is being communicated and how?
The word exaggerate is being communicated by large, over the top letters which use two bold colours, red and black. The colours work really well together and are extremely eye catching. The fact that the letters are so big and in your face communnicate the word exaggerate perfectly. I love the composition of the the letters too.

How well does this answer the brief?
A lot of different outcomes were looked at but the best one was chosen in my opinion as the idea was kept simple and based primarily on the the letterforms. As there is quite a few possible outcomes and research I think it fits the brief very well.

How well has the idea been visually explored?
The idea has been explored in depth as the single letters have been checked to see if they are illedgible and readable. Other ideas have also been explored, such as looking at letters through a magnifying glass.

What are the strengths of the resolution?

  • Lots of possible outcomes
  • Eyecatching
  • Neat
  • Lots of practice examples
  • Plenty of annotations

How could it be improved?

Perhaps tried a few more colours together.

General comments...

Really good piece of work, done a lot in the short space of time we had, original idea.

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