Friday, 16 October 2009

Alphabet Soup Part Two- Progress Crit

Module Code OUGD101
Module Title Design Principles

Your name: Sophie
Partner's name: Sai

How are the four words selected to represent the typeface being explored?
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, looking at cityscapes, silhouettes, buildings, lights.
Selfless, looking at kind hearted, heart of gold, acts of kindness.
Family, looking at family members, siblings, what family means.

Why is the existing typeface that has been selected to manipulate an inappropriate/ appropriate choice?
The typeface 'blocks' is appropriate for my design because its blocked letters allow me to create a city scape, building like manipulated typeface from these in order to represent Hong Kong.

What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have made for the typeface so far?
When initially asking Sai a set of questions she answered Hong Kong to the question about her first memory. I therefore took this and came up with the idea of incorporating the city into the letter forms

Other issues raised:
Chinese Symbols
Colours, lights to highlight Hong Kong

Action to be taken?
  • Experiment with colour
  • Look into Hong Kong style colours
  • Colours which represent Sai
  • Experiment with every letter, incorporating cityscape
  • Look at glyphs of the existing typeface 'blocks.'

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