Monday, 24 May 2010

Speaking from experience- self evaluation

What problem did you identify?

My problem was things that students have learned this year since moving away to uni.

What evidence did you find to support your decisions?

I asked members of the current first year things that they had learnt this year whether it to be about the course of their flat or whatever.

What methods did you use togather your evidence and what forms did it take?

My primary research consisted if a couple basic questionnaires which turned into lists of quotes once finished. I also used my own knowledge and the internet for secondary research to look at existing freshers products and things you gather on your first week of uni.

What methods of research did you find useful and why?
I found the primary research most useful as this turnedout to be the content of my project. Using specific quotes that I gathered which were light heartered and maybe informative was my aim from this.

How did these inform your response to your problem?

With the secondary reseach I looked at already exists out there for freshers and so wanted to go down this route but make it my own, like the pack. The primary research allowed me to create specific products from the quotes that would hopefully infrom new students of things they may face and come across ina light hearted way.

What research could you have carried out that would have proved more useful?

I could maybe have carried out further research to see if people would use/ look at this package/box that I made. Also further research to see if other students on the course agreed with the quotes and statement I was using. Further research into packaging etc would have benefitted my crafting most likely.

5 things you have learnt about the design process?

Crafting is not always easy

The importance of time management and sticking to it

Research into existing products to adapt or make your own, use what already exists

I've learned different products I can make, stickers for example

The content is driven by the audience

5 things you would do differently?

More in depth research into packaging

Maybe produce something more useful to the students

Give myselfmore time for production of the products

I struggled in the second week with coming up with products I wanted to make so next time I should ensure I make a decision faster, reseach, ask for advice as soon as posssible

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