Thursday, 27 May 2010

OUGD103 End of module evaluation

Through this module I have developed skills with hand drawn type, practicing drawing in a variety of different style. I think I have developed a kind of style more through this module. I believe with each module we have been introduced to new workshops and new ways of working and from this I have been able to work with In-Design, I really enjoyed getting to know how this works and applying the knowledge we gained to the type and grid brief and the Indesign brief. This is something I would like to develop further into the second year and improve on.

In terms of research I think I could have done more and possibly focused too much on the development for the Speaking from experience brief. For the Communication is a virus brief, we created questionnaires to ask a range of people and we also did quite a lot of secondary research in order to support the content of the project like the booklet etc. I found with the Vogue brief looking at other posters helped but within a week I found that I focused more on the designing of the end product which may not be the best approach to it.

My strengths through this module include blogging, I think I have tried to keep on top of my blog documenting often rather than leaving it all to the last minute. Also keeping a project file has meant I tried to stick to time management and had a plan of what I was doing. Another strength may be drawing out ideas by hand first of all rather than taking it straight a computer.

My weaknesses include standard of crafting, I think this has really let down the over all look of some work and needs to be improved to create a more professional finish. Also another weakness could be sticking to my comfort zone in terms of style and what I know, I haven't really tried anything I wouldn't normally use in terms of software etc apart from the things we have been introduced to. One thing which needs to be improved is my contribution to crits and feedback and speaking in front of groups of people something which will hopefully be improved from the PPD presentation.

Five things that I would do differently next time are, try something new or that I want to do but haven't yet. Contribution to crits needs to be improved. I would ensure that I research thoroughly no matter how short the project is to help my development. I would also try and produce a greater amount of work for a project to ensure I have fulfilled the brief as much as possible. Lastly something I would do differently would is not spend so much time on something if I am stuck for ideas I would seek help immediately to develop my ideas.

Grading myself:
Attendance- 5
Motivation- 4
Quantity of work produced-3
Quality of work produced-3
Contribution to the group-2

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