Monday, 23 November 2009

End of Module Self-Evaluation

1. What practical skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?
I have learned basic new skills on illustrator which I have never used before I started this course, also constructing and designing nets for the mail shot and the how to briefs.

2. What approaches to/methods of problem solving have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?
I've learned to brainstorm initial starting points to help me start off a project. Also if I'm not happy with an idea I have learned to go back and resolve it looking at what is wrong and what can be improved.

3. What strengths can you identify in your work and how/ will you capitalise on these?
In some briefs I think I have explored different variations of my ideas like alphabets soup. also if I have been given feedback I have gone back into my work and re-worked it in order to improve

4. What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these more fully?
One weakness I can identify is my knowledge and skills on photoshop and illustrator which I think holds me back from producing work to a certain level. In order to improve this I need to practise at any opportunity. Another weakness of mine is primary research in my projects, I ned to look more at books and other sources to help with my own ideas.

5. Identify five things you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?
  • Spend more time on my blog, especially design context, looking at other peoples work to inform my own.
  • Time managements, organise time for research and development and printing etc.
  • Ask for help if struggling with work or ideas.
  • Annotate all work as I go.
6. How would you grade yourself on the following areas:
Attendance: 5
Punctuality: 5
Motivation: 4
Commitment: 3
Quantity of work produced: 3
Quality of work produced: 3
Contribution to the group: 3

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