Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Collection 100 Research Proposal

My subject matter is:
Christmas, specifically Christmas in the U.K.

Possible categories will include:
Traditions, Religions, commercialism, Santa, Christmas shopping and gifts.

Research process will include:
gathering objects over the christmas holiday, photographing family and friends, christmas day, christmas events, opinions on christmas and people's family traditions.

How will you research?
Primary methods:
Photographs, collections, questionnaires and interviews, observations and journals.

Secondary methods:
Books, (christmas books), the internet.

Who/where/will you research?
Primary sources:
Family, friends, shop workers, in the home, shopping centres, Leeds, Newcastle.

Secondary sources:

Research process will include:
Primary material:
Christmas cards, wrapping paper, traditions, photographs, decorations, food.

Secondary material:
Christmas traditions, Santa, Religions.


  1. Look into packaging and how the products will go together - box/pack, or separate items.

  2. I would suggest you look at how the seperate items are packaged together...concentrate on the look and target audience. think about who would sell this product.